Kingdom Days Sim Date Walkthrough

Um, It’s more like a walkthrough for the correct answers… For more other than this, you can see it on the official guide here and you can play the game online HERE.

List of Content:

[LEASH] Lewis Ashton

[DANCLA] Daniel Claud

[IALER] Ian Leroy

[FERVID] Ferris Vidal

[JOSKN] Joseph Knight

Lewis Ashton [LEASH]

He Likes Candy, Tea, Novel.

The Correct Answers:

– It would be a lot nicer if it’s king wasn’t such a jerk.

– Don’t you have anything else that I can wear?

– Of course I am! Our kingdom was attacked!

– Maybe he’s just avoid me…

– I’m fine. Don’t worry about me so much.

– Have you made any new friends yet?

– Why did you became a servant for my family anyway?

– How about some honey?

– Oh yeah. Didn’t you get a fever? I feel kinda of bad…

– Just what do you do in your free time?

– Just what kind of king doesn’t have knights or guards?

– What is magic even good for anyway?

– I just wished that you would’ve considered my feelings more…

– Didn’t you and I used to read books together in that library?

– Do you remember the time when we first met?

– You really care about my parents, huh?

– Oh, thanks.

– I wish that we could go there someday.

– Why were you chosen to be my personal servant anyways?

– I wonder what his species is.

– Oh. Thanks, Lewis.

– Alix? Who is he again?

– You seems like you’re scared of it.

– I’m jealous of your pretty violet eyes, Lewis.

– ‘He’? How do you know that it was a boy?

– You seem to know a lot about my dad…

– What is it?

– Do you really want me to marry Joseph?

– Sure, that sounds good.

– I think that he’s a good guy on the inside.

– I was just thinking about my parents.

– What are you doing?

– What do you mean?

– Is something wrong?

– Sorry I got mad at you before. You’re just doing what’s best.

– What is it?

– You idiot. You shouldn’t have done that…

– All right. I will… for you.

– You should take a break or at least rest for a little bit.

– It doesn’t really matter. They love me like real parents.

– Do you think that your parents still love you?

– Sure. That sounds like a good idea.

– Maybe I’ll ask the next time I see him.

– I’m sure that it’ll end soon. Just have some hope.

– I wonder what the other worlds are like.

– Let’s have some tea, Lewis.

– You’ll get used to the new castle.

– Can’t I just wear that blue dress you gave me?

– Maybe it’s because of the war.

– It’s impossible for me to be ready for something like this.

Daniel Claud [DANCLA]

He likes Tea, Bread, Glass Angel.

The Correct Answers:

– Um, hello?

– Not much of a talker, are you?

– Who else would I be talking to?

– (Tell him your name)

– I’m just looking around. This place is pretty interesting.

– So you’re a blacksmith, right?

– What’s your problem?

– You seem cranky.

– Doesn’t being alone in here all day make you lonely?

– What could be better than some friendly chit chat?

– No, I’m a princess that came from the Lunar Kingdom.

– Why not? I’m a princess, I can do whatever I want.

– Not really. I hardly know him.

– How’s your day going for you so far?

– Is this place closed? I never see you working.

– Do you know what that… thing even is?

– Are you kidding? It IS out of hand! My home was attacked!

– Are you sure that I can have it?

– How come I never see you leave this place?

– Why so quiet?

– Why? Are you?

– Hey, cheer up!

– I can’t believe something if you don’t tell me it.

– You must have been pretty lonely…

– Don’t give up. I’m sure that you can still make it.

– No, not really.

– Even if you disappear, I’ll still remember you.

– Hm, I don’t know. But you were pretty mean at first.

– You’ve been given a second chance. Find something to live.

– So then what’s under those bandages?

– Sure, I don’t mind.

– Maybe you never completed something in your other life.

– Do you miss your family?

– Huh? What for?

– What is it?

– That would be nice, but it’s impossible.

– I like you. You’re a good person, Daniel.

– Really? How do you know?

– I’m just really happy for you.

– I’m glad that I could help.

– Was your father a blacksmith too?

– I guess. Hey, you should come to it.

– I’m glad that we met too.

– How do you know if he was looking for me.

– What do you look like without your glasses? [He is quiet handsome without his glasses on *w*]

– Sure, I would like that.

– I don’t think that he cares for me.

– I really like being around you.

– No problem.

– Don’t be sorry. You can’t help it.

Ian Leroy [IALER]

He likes Wine, Bread, Paints.

The Correct Answers:

– Yeah. How did you know?

– The Lunar Kingdom.

– Sure, it’s okay. (Tell him your name)

– So what’s your name anyway?

– He’s the one who wanted to marry me though…

– What are those things over by the window?

– Why would the king kick you out?

– Yeah, he’s my servant.

– No, are you?

– So which kingdom are you from?

– Did you paint those paintings over there?

– How did you know that it got attacked by Cesathis?

– The priest is a strange guy, isn’t he?

– Why did you paint those paintings over there?

– I think it’s great that you paint.

– Why?

– Why would I want to increase my stats?

– I wish I wasn’t, but I have to.

– Are we friends?

– I don’t like him at all.

– Is that a bad thing?

– What kind of things do you like to do?

– I really hope so…

– Then why are you still here?

– But… what if somebody sees and report you?

– Hey?

– I think that you’re a good person. [Yeah, because you give me a food on another day, remember? ;D]

– Yeah, of course.

– But wasn’t my kingdom attacked by Cesathis?

– What’s your duty? […Don’t tell me you are going to…]

– Why didn’t you kill me when we first met? [Oh, I though you were going to kill Joseph -.- I guess I’m wrong…]

– I don’t hate you. You’re still you.

– Do you really want to go back to Cesathis?

– Maybe Joseph will let you stay. Jusk ask him.

– I don’t care if you’re from Cesathis. You’re a good guy.

– Maybe, but could you come to it?

– I can tell that you put a lot of work into it. I actually like it.

– What is the king of Cesathis like?

– Because I like talking to you [Is it not obvious?! That’s the purpose of this game, y’know?]

– Ian is a funny name.

– Do you have friends and family there?

– It’s really a sad thing, isn’t it?

– Why did Cesathis start the war?

– I’m glad that you did and that we met.

– Why not? [yeah, why not? *evil smile*]

– It’s all right. Are you okay though?

– What’s wrong?

– How so? [He’s sulking xD]

– I’m hoping that it will.

– What things do you wish that could last forever?

Ferris Vidal [FERVID]

He likes Candy, Wine, Roses.

The Correct Answers:

– Who are you?

– Why were you in that coffin?

– (Tell him your name)

– But I AM a princess…

– You don’t seem like a bad person.

– Do you drink blood?

– Um, what sould I tell you about?

– I’m being forced to marry somebody…

– I got you out by putting a glass angel into the her in the

– How were you falsely accused of murder?

– I’m actually from another kingdom.

– My home kingdom was attacked so I escaped to here.

– He’s an inconsiderate jerk.

– Why do you travel so much?

– No need to thank me. I like being around you.

– Do vampires eat?

– Are you sure that I can have it?

– I would really like to go see it too.

– Do you like me?

– Um, sure.

– I guess so.

– How so?

– Vampires aren’t all the same. You’re proof of that.

– You don’t know how incredibly cheesy that sounded.

– I have no choice though…

– Can you please attend it?

– Why? [OMG he’s blushing XD]

– Ferris is a really unique name.

– Sure, okay.

– If vampire exist, then ghosts must too.

– I don’t do anything special.

– Can you see out of your left eye?

– How did you become blind in your left eye?

– When was the last time you had a human friend?

– Was he the person that gave you your name?

– What was your friend’s name?

– Is your left eye gray?

– I just hope that the war ends soon.

– Why didn’t you save your friend from being hanged?

– I heard that my dad used to travel to different worlds.

– The current king isn’t doing a bad job though.

– How about right now?

– Vampire or not, I think you’re a good person.

– Of course I do.

– Are you sure that you’ll be okay?

– Do you really think that we’ll met again after you leave?

– Can’t you stay? I don’t want you to leave.

– We haven’t really talked all that much…

– No… but I have to.

– You’ll really be at my wedding, right?

Joseph Knight [JOSKN]

He likes Tea, Novel, Wine, Angel Glass.

The Correct Answers:

– And where have you been?!

– How could you just leave like that? You’re the worst!

– You left without even saying goodbye!

– Even if we’re strangers, it would’ve been nice if you said bye…

– Why does my name even matter if you don’t care about me.

– To not marry you.

– Fine I guess.

– So what are you going to do now?

– His name is Lewis, not Louie!

– What? [Why you’re not giving me a foood???? T___T]

– Why did you give me those roses? [Yeah why?! *mumble* You should just give me food instead of roses *mumble*]

– Yeah, I have… but how did you find out about that?

– Why did you agree to marry me anyway?

– I was hoping that you would have something to say.

– Yeah, he did. I don’t like the color though.

– Why did you let Mr. Toko be the priest of the church?

– Shouldn’t we get to know each other better before we date?

– You seem… less cranky now.

– So do you have any hobbies?

– I didn’t like you though!

– What are you mumbling to yourself?

– What if this kingdom gets attacked? We have nowhere to go.

– Yeah, I do. [FINALLY!]

– Aren’t you kind of young to be a king?

– Your dad sounds kind of irresponsible.

– I wonder who put them there…

– Do you like going out with me?

– Okay, but you better not do anything funny.

– Why do you keep on giving me roses?

– Of course I do.

– Are you going to leave again?

– Why did you save my kingdom?

– Really? What do you think of him? [uh uh, of course though! That’s my first impression too ’cause of their eyes…]

– Are you kidding? You were able to save my kingdom!

– Do the people here have to go to church on Sunday?

– Why didn’t you like Lewis at first?

– Do you have any friends?

– Where should we go?

– What?

– Why would I hate you?

– Do you love me?

– I still don’t have anything to wear.

– You don’t care who comes?

– Are you looking forward to our wedding?

– Kind of. Why do you ask?

– But I do appreciate him a lot.

– You’re a good guy, Joseph.

– Of course not. Wasn’t he just depressed?

– What’s with the sad tone?

– What are you doing?


I would like to say thanks to:

  • Pacthesis for making this awesome game 😀
  • And YOU for reading this walkthrough. Thank you! I really appreciated it!



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