Side Quest Guide – Edolie


Hello! I don’t know if making this guide is allowed or not, IF not, PLEASE tell me right away, so I can take this post down as soon as I can! I just made this guide for other players who always or sometimes stuck in some side quest (like me lol). By the way, this game is GOOD so for the one who never play this game, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS GAME!

Keep this NOTES in your mind:

  1. You have to finish all the quest in that place before you go to different place. Example: Right now you’re in Elderose so you have to finish all quest in Elderose section before you go to Applemere.
  2. For Rhys and Willow’s Wedding Quest, you have to choose the right answer starting from Applemere Hill. For the more details, refer to “Preparing for Rhys and Willow’s Wedding” section on this post! 🙂
  3. This guide doesn’t include the quest for soulstresses, dwarves, and Edilia (If they have). And this guide maybe contains some spoiler so read at your own risk!


– Bouquet

Talk to the girl whose gonna married in upper house (center of Elderose) to start the quest. Then talk to woman whose prepare the wedding (in the cave). She will give you flower. Talk to her red haired kid, which you can found her in the house (right side of the inn, i think). She will give you a ribbon. Then talk to the girl whose gonna married. She will give that ribbon back (Don’t worry, that ribbon is gonna be useful for later!)

– Tye’s painting

Talk to the painter (after you’ve done the Bouquet’s quest) in the cave. He will ask you to come to him in the inn with Tye in the party. After Tye is in your party, you can go to painter to finish the quest.

– Molly’s book

Talk to Molly (Girl near the window, 2nd floor right side of academy). Then talk to woman in kitchen (2nd floor center of academy), she will give you a separate key for basemen. Go to basemen, and go outside. After you found the book, return it to Molly to finish the quest.

– Pet rat

Talk to boy (2nd floor left side of academy). He lost his pet mouse. Take a cheese from Tye’s house (when you can go to his house, you can get the cheese above the desk). Go back to academy. You’ll find the mouse-hole in the top left corner of the empty classroom (2nd floor center of academy). After you got the mouse, you can give it back to the boy to get a reward.




– Cooking Contest

Talk to the man whose confuse to what cook next for the contest as the judge (i forget the name) is to picky when judging the food (He live in the first map of the town). Just choose “I’ll come back later” or something like that first. Then talk to the judge (he live in the 2nd map of Applemere). He will give a hint about his favorite food. Then talk to man back again and tell him the right choice food is. Then you can talk to him again in festival to get a reward. HINT : (if you still don’t know, the answer is “Sour fruit cake” or something like that).

– Green Apple

Talk to old woman who live in 2nd map of Applemere town (Upper house). She will ask you to get 5 green apples. After you got all apples, give it to her. Then talk to that old woman again to get the reward in festival.


– Scrarecrow

You can get this quest if you decide to participate in Scarecrow Contest. First, you can get straw in the small basin beside the barn (2nd map of the town). For the clothes, it’s in the hut right next to the inn (the laundry basket). And for the hat, you can find it on the second floor house of the twin kids. You can use the ribbon if you choose the red hat. Then talk to the judge’s scarecrow to finish it. (I recommend to use a different path which mean i choose the red hat)

– Goat

Talk to girl beside 3 goats to start the quest. She will ask you to go get the goat. The goat is in the first map of town (West side). Then talk to the girl again to finish the quest.

Side Note: Remember! You can write the book in the inn before leaving town! This is not really important but it’s fun for me lol (Thanks to Rafaella for confirming this! :D)



– Math Teacher

Talk to the kid in the school to start the quest. After you give a parcel to man (in Neighbour’s quest), he will allow you to meet the pirates. Talk to the woman pirates in right corner. After she gone, you can go back to the kid in school to take your reward.

– Neighbour (Merriford)

Talk to woman in upper left corner house (West Merriford) to start the quest, she want to know what her neighbour doing. Go to Marshbarrow (In the same map with Troll Tree #4), on the house right upper corner. He is in that house. After that, check fireplace in that house. He will told you to get a packet in western inn. Go there. After you got that packet, return to that man’s place and give it to him. Then, you can report it to that woman in Merriford. Although sadly, she won’t give any reward and she is being RUDE! Duh! At least she should say thanks though! 😦



– Aunt Iggy Three Little Ants

Talk to Iggy (That ant live in 2nd map of ant city) to start the quest. One ant in Spider Cave, one ant under Tanglewood Clearing grave, one on Tanglewood Hill. Then talk to Iggy to finish the quest.

– Spider Threat for the Queen

Talk to the Queen to start the quest. Then you can found the bag of webs in Tanglewood Inn after it is cleaned. Give it to the Queen to finish the quest (You have to finish this quest before going to tunnel! Don’t worry, you still can go to Ant city if you go to house where someone in your party said that she or he heard noise from the inside house, and one of the ant can take you to Ant city).

– Fix Madeline’s Broom

(IMPORTANT : You have to finish this quest before you sleep in the Tanglewood Inn!!)

Talk to Madeline in Tanglewood Clearing (First map of Tanglewood Clearing, in the house near the woman who never wash her clothes) to start the quest. The go to the rooster cave (Tanglewood Hill) to get the item. Talk to Madeline again to finish the quest.



– Shawl for Gerturd

Talk to red haired lady (Gerturd) who live in vallake to start quest. She want to retrive a shawl. It’s in cave (Same map when you get the key), it’s look like scarf. After you get it, give it to Gerturd to finish the quest.

– Coal for Jorika

Talk Jorika (black haired woman in blue dress) to start the Quest. Take a bag of coal in the mine. And give it back to Jorika and done.

– Food for Fergen

Tak to Fergen (His house is the front right side) to start the Quest. Take the food from guard room (where there’ll be a monster in front of that room). And give the food to fergen to finish the quest.




– Special Bone for Keyla

Talk to Keyla (The girl with piano bone) to start the quest. To get the bone you need to see the “Guard Dog”‘s quest. Then go back to Cave Village and talk to Keyla again to finish the quest.

– Tomasina needs a friend

After you start the quest, you can talk to gardener in academy garden (You can go there after Cerys is in your party). Then he will ask you to delivery rose to Tomasina. In later, there will be option to take off the thorns or not, I think it doesn’t matter what you choose, the quest will still finished after you give it to Tomasina. NOTE : Talk to her again in academy garden to get the reward.

– Adrienna needs material for garment

You can take the material if you talk to man (Arnold) who changing Daphinia’s curtain. Then talk to Adrienna to finish the quest.

– The thief

This quest should be immediately ON if you talk to dark blue haired boy beside the stairs to academy when you are searching for the princess (it’s related to Troll Tree #12). And after you have found the princess, you can find the real thief in the South-East of Silverlynn (The old lady who wear dark colored dress i think). Then you can talk to the boy again for the reward.

– Preparing for Rhys and Willow’s Wedding

You can start this quest if you’ve answered the right one :
Applemere Hill – Looking for some peace and quiet
Merriford – Marry for love
Garden of Giggles – Rhys is NOT a pixie
Silverlynn – Get away from her!
NOTE: For the question in Silverlynn, it’s better if you’ve save before answer it. If Tye said “You have admirer now, Willow” after the scene then congratulations! You can start this quest now. BUT, if Tye is not saying anything or saying different things from that then you’ve to go back and at this time, try choosing “She doesn’t need to change”.
If you already can start this quest then for next step is preparation, which is you should talk to Wedding planner (Her house is in North – East of Silverlynn). She will inform you to get the dress. Then go to house in North – West Silverlynn, she will ask you to deliver 3 parcel and after that you can have the dress with 250 gold.
3 Parcel is :
1. The girl (I forgot the name, sorry.. She has twin tail hair and you can found her in South-West of Academy)
2. The woman in house (Andddd i forgot the name again.. so sorry ><… Her house in “path to palace”, South-East’s house.. Where you can find Ella and Carl too!)
3. Maid in palace (2nd floor of palace, West side.. Again, i forgot her name, eh ._.)
After you have the dress, the Wedding Planner (sorry, i forgot her name too xD) will give a sertificate then you can go to Church to have your Wedding. Happy Wedding! :3

– Guard Dog

Talk to Jennie (You can find this girl behind tree at outside palace. I don’t know when exactly you can find her but i find her after the thief’s quest) to start the quest. Then go to house with the dog, talk to that dog. You can find the toy in Princess room (investigate the box toy (the purple one)). Go back to that dog’s place again and give that toy to that dog. In that house you can find a treasure and the bone (this bone is for “Special Bone for Keyla”‘s quest).



– Animal for Carly

You can find the animal (which is pig) in the house when you out of town (in the North-East). Then you have to go back to house where you found Eirwen and the guards are sleeping. Investigate the guards to find the key. Then go back to that house and unlock the jail to get the pig. Talk to Carly again to finish the quest.


8 thoughts on “Side Quest Guide – Edolie

  1. Rafaella says:

    Thank you for this guide it way really helpful!!
    Also(you probably already now this by now) there is one more quest in Elderose about those papers that you see around town, but you can only get it after Tye is in the party.
    Ah and you can write in the book before leaving town
    Thanks again!

    • larazusa says:

      Thx for the confirmation! ^^
      Your very welcome! I’m really glad that i can help someone with my messy grammar lol
      And about the paper quest, i may know or maybe i don’t since i’ve finished the game and never playing it again lol. But thanks for the info! ^^

  2. Yza says:

    hi. How come in Applemere I can’t progress with the quest? It says sleep to get ready for tonight, but I have slept tons of times but there’s no progress in quest list when I wake up. What am I missing? Any idea? thanks 😀 I have finished both the green apple and the cake quest before the festival. It won’t take me to the next stage *(festival) after sleeping

    • Larasanti says:

      I’m really sorry for the late reply, Soo.. In your quest list is empty? Do you already talk to all people in Applemere? Because they maybe give you one or two hints..

  3. Maya says:

    Hi, thanks to you guide I have managed to complete most of the side quests. But I still can’t find the neighbour from the neighbours quest. Can you please help me.

  4. Hidan Kuro says:

    thanks for your guide its very helpfull!!! and did you know there is side quest by the princess inside the maze castle in silverlynn??? but i didnt finish it hahaha…
    btw where is garden of giggles i search it everywhere but didn’t find it.. can you please tell me where to find it??? thanks~
    np. sorry for my grammar.. english is not my first language but i still learn it though,,,.

    • Larasanti says:

      Hello! I’m sorry for the late reply!
      Is that so? Haha silly me because I thought it was a part of main quest.. so I didn’t put it in here haha.. *sweatdrop*

      The garden of giggles is a secret area. You can access it if you can decipher one of the troll riddles, which is Troll Tree #10 (In Silverwoods, same map as collector’s hut, in the bottom left corner)
      ^Got this from Valkyriet. Hope this help! 🙂
      If you still having a trouble finding it, here’s the picture (Got this from Valkyriet too)

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