Bonus Stories of A Little Too Much Part 2

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Bonus Story 4. Lila! What’s the meaning of this?!

“Hey! Don’t ignore us!” Alya shout, breaking the lovey-dovey scene and upsetting Damian’s mood, again.

Marinette just sighing and release the hug, much to Damian’s disappointment, “What again, Alya? Isn’t this enough for you? I already answer all of your questions.”

“But… You never told me that you already have a boyfriend!” Alya exclaimed, pointing accusingly at Marinette.

Although Marinette isn’t impressed with her response, at all. She just crossing her hands while questioning a simple question, “And why would I?”. Continue reading

Bonus Stories of A Little Too Much Part 1

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Just to let you guys know, in this version, Adrien is just a little innocent bean who tried his best on doing whatever he is doing now since this is his first public school. So Adrien is kind indeed (He is the one who makes —or force— Lila convince the school to prevent Marinette from being expelled, after all. Just like in the canon).

But he is too soft so whenever he reprimanding his friends whenever they tried to bully Marinette. They just replied, “Oh you’re too kind, Adrien. Marinette doesn’t deserve you,” which got Adrien confused and disappointed, not towards Marinette, but towards himself and his classmate. To him because he cannot be more firm to his friends, and his classmate because.. they choose to believe Lila over Marinette, the girl who always helps them, the girl who used to be called ‘our everyday ladybug’.

And the last thing, here’s a shortlist to clarify somethings:

  1. Damian, Jason, and Tim were the only ones who already met the French class. Although the French class didn’t know Tim since he’s just observing them from afar.
  2. Damian never introduce his last name to the French class, because why would he? Although you can see whenever they travel around WE, the employees there always greet him and Jason. Does the French class notice this? Nope. They’re too busy with praising Lila’s lies. The only one who notices this are Marinette, Adrien, and Chloe.
  3. Unlike Damian, Jason introduces his last name too. It such a shame the French class never took a short lesson from the internet before they went to Gotham, though. Because if they are, they’re going to found out Lila’s lies about her knowing Wayne’s family since her childhood. The only one who recognizes his last name is, again, it’s the same people, Marinette, Adrien, and Chloe.
  4. Dick never met the French class because he’d been busy going for a trip with his girlfriend.
  5. While the French class is indeed leaving Gotham, Marinette stays in the Gotham for a few weeks more, much to Damian’s delight. She stays because she was offered to enter the fashion contest held by a famous designer in Gotham. From then on, she stays in Wayne’s place and her very existence made the atmosphere in the mansion look brighter than ever.

Continue reading

A Little Too Much – Daminette SongFic

Pairing(s): Damian Wayne (DC) x Marinette Dupain-Cheng (MLB)

Description: Damian and his brothers decided to give a surprise to Marinette. Based on the song “A Little Too Much” by Shawn Mendes.

Word Count: 3,931

Warnings: This is my first time writing the full and completed story. I am still confused with tenses and grammar so I am really sorry if any words look so weird! I am warning you guys!

AN: Same with what I said above. Sometimes (or maybe always..?) I like to exaggerate my story soooo… I hope you guys like it!

[MAIN] You’re here [BONUS 1] – [BONUS 2] Not yet

Why? Why did he accept the bet? “This is not a bet!!” exclaim Jason from behind. Yeah, but in his eyes, this is a bet! How come? He and his annoying brothers decided to surprise Marinette. Yes, Marinette, his girlfriend. Damian didn’t expect that he could be able to be in a relationship for 3 years and his girlfriend is an Angel too!

Umm … To be more precise, a wingless angel … Marinette is a very kind, friendly, smart, pretty, and sometimes, she emits a fiery aura in her eyes… And, don’t forget her beautiful smile. Even the dark city of Gotham can suddenly become bright if she’s here, smiling while chuckling occasionally.

“Okay enough about her beautiful smile because we already know how much you love her,” Jason said suddenly, a mischievous smile on his face. Damian glared at Jason while growling, even though Jason didn’t feel intimidated at all. Not with Damian’s red face because of his own embarrassment.

“Stop it!” said Dick after clapping his hands hard enough to prevent a bloody war that might occur sometime later. “We should go back to our previous discussion okay? If you want this surprise to really happen before it’s too late…” Continue reading

2 Worlds [CHAPTER 02]

Yume: Hmm… Sepertinya chapter dua bakal di post .

Celina: Ya iyalah Yume. Kalau nggak bakal di posting, kita nggak mungkin ada di sini dan bawain narasinya khan?

Yume: Hmm… Iya juga sih, berarti untuk chapter ini, kita yang bawain nasinya, gitu? Aduh, males banget deh…

Celina: Bukan nasi tapi na~ra~si….

Yume: Iya iya nasi loh…

Celina: *sigh*

Author: *ngomong dari kejauhan* Hmm.. Kalau terus dilanjutin, ntar malah jadi cerita “Perdebatan Yume dengan Celina Tentang Na(ra)si”. Ya udah deh, langsung ke cerita aja.

Chapter 02: “Seorang gadis kecil yang menghancurkan skenario” Continue reading

2 Worlds [CHAPTER 01]

Ini dia chapter pertamanya, silahkan dibaca jika kalian tertarik

Chapter 01: “Yume dan dunia aslinya”


Yume adalah seorang gadis kecil yang mengalami perlakuan buruk dan dibenci oleh banyak orang. Padahal, Yume tidak melakukan apa-apa. Bukan hanya itu saja, orang tua Yume juga sering bertengkar, mereka bahkan tidak peduli kalau sebenarnya Yume menyaksikan kejadian yang seharusnya anak kecil tidak boleh lihat.

Sampai akhirnya, “Ne.. Ne.. Okaa-san, Otoo-san, jangan bertengkar ya…” pinta Yume sambil menarik baju Ibunya, sedangkan tangannya yang satu lagi memeluk sebuah boneka teddy bear. Bukannya mendengarkan permintaan anaknya, malahan Ibunya menatap dingin ke arah Yume lalu muncul sebuah suara di kepalanya Yume, “Huh! Gara-gara anak ini ada, aku jadi susah untuk bercerai dengannya!” kemudian Ibunya berbalik menatap dingin kearah Ayahnya Yume. Continue reading

Otome Game CG’s Links Download

What is CG?

These are special full-screen static images. They are usually nice to see in a game and bring many reasons for one to occur. Some CG’s may consist of two but with different facial emotions.

I’m gonna upload my Otome Game CG’s collection because my hardisk is already full and i have to make free space by removing things :’D. If you interested or want to download it from my links, just comment in this post for the password! Nevermind that, you can see the password in the comment section (The password is same for all links)! If the links doesn’t work anymore, i can’t help with that, sorry! (Because i already delete the files from my hardisk so i can’t re-upload it unless there’s someone who wanna to re-upload it ><) Continue reading